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Camp Central CREW

Event Details

  • Jun 25
    9:00 am
    Jun 29
    12:00 pm
  • Worship Team- Leads children and Small Group Leaders in a fun and meaningful time of worship through music
    6 remaining
  • Small Group Leader- Becomes the primary model or teacher for a group of up to 10 kids; stays with the same group all week; encourages spiritual growth, relationships, discussion and other Small Group activities. (ps... this role is the funnest)
    15 remaining
  • Host Team- Greets parents every morning; helps with the check-in/check out/process and explains the security procedures
    5 remaining
  • Crafts Leader- Helps in the preparation and setup of craft area; organizes needed supplies; facilitates craft activities
    4 remaining
  • Snacks Director- Purchases and organizes all food and kitchen supplies needed for snacks; oversees preparation and setup of snack area; facilitates snack activities; manages and trains snack helpers; ensures that good hygiene is maintained
    2 remaining
  • Snacks Helper- Helps prepare snack for the week with the snack team
    3 remaining
  • Rec Director- Purchases and organizes all supplies; oversees preparation and setup of game area; facilitates games with each group of kids; manages and trains game helpers
    2 remaining
  • Rec Leader- Helps with the preparation and execution of Rec
    6 remaining
  • Set Up/ Tear Down Crew- (the Sundays before and after our week of Camp)
  • Small Group Assistant Leader